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Home Business Package

Unified Products and Services Inc Home Business / UPS Express Negosyo Online Dealer Package:




I.  Web tool System where you have UPS access in transacting the different services we offer:

       1.      E-Cash Remittance - Unlimited transaction per day (Local & International)

       2.      Ticketing - Unlimited transaction (Local & International)

       3.      Hotel Booking, Travel & Tours (Offline Booking)

       4.     Bills Payment - (Unlimited Transactions per day with 10 pesos system fee)

       4.      E-Loading  (Unlimited Transactions per day)

       5.      E- Insurance  (Unlimited Transactions per day)

  III. Insurance Coverage:

          1.     One year coverage

          2.     Accidental Death, Dismemberment &/or Disablement for Php100K

          3.     Burial Assistance (following accidental death) Php10K

IV. Total of 10 pcs. Three-Fold Leaflets (Web tool Loading & UPS Brochure)

VII. Tarpaulin


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